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Asphalt Frequently Asked Questions

Two coats or one?

Sealer applied in two coats dries and cures much better than one thick coat. Sealers are water-based, which cure through the process of water evaporation. A thin coat will release water much faster. A thick coat will hold water and stay soft for a longer period of time, possibly causing tracking.


Why do sealers peel?

Peeling problems may be caused by sealer not bonding to oil spots or any other

surface contaminants.

What is asphalt pavement?

Asphalt pavement is a combination of stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement.


What are the benefits of asphalt pavement?

It is safe, economical, and the most long-lasting and durable paving material. In addition, asphalt pavement is

100 percent recyclable.

Asphalt pavements provide the user with a smooth, quiet, safe ride surface.

Properly designed, built, and maintained asphalt pavements enhance vehicle safety by providing a renewable,

skid-resistant surface.


How widely is asphalt used?

About 94 percent of the nation’s roads and highways are surfaced with asphalt.


Are asphalt pavements quieter than other types

of pavement?

Yes, there is considerable research that shows that asphalt pavements tend to be quieter than concrete pavements on

the whole.


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